A 35mm Summer

It’s not the end of the year yet, but I constantly find myself reflecting on everything that’s happened so far. 2015 has been a crazy year for a lot of reasons. This became even more apparent after getting 3 rolls of film developed that covered the past 5 months, from April all the way to September, or in other words, the Summer of 2015. These past few months span various art shows, my trip to Japan and Korea, and great moments with friends. Finding out what was in these rolls made me extremely happy and humbled to have the opportunity have experienced everything I captured in these rolls of film. Being able to speak candidly on virtually every photo, you can imagine the wave of nostalgia that hit me. These moments and memories are still very precious and vivid to me.

April 2015:
Was asked to shoot some behind the scenes for Main Attrakionz video for “Dip”, directed by Kreayshawn. Later that month, the day before my flight to Japan, I was a part of The Travelers Club’s Future Standard show with Sosupersam headlining the show.

May 2015:
Theresa and I lurk Osaka in the rain for their infamous takoyaki after riding the bullet train and getting to Kyoto.

June 2015:
Youthful Kinfolk presents Parallels featuring a lot of my friends and I. We even got Richie Moon from San Diego to show his art in the Bay for the first time and Rossi to perform.

July 2015:
The boys and I make our way down to San Diego for 4th of July and to check out the wildly successful NETFLEX show with our friends Gianna, Ang, and Richie.

August 2015:
Wine and Bowties throws the third installment of FEELS featuring some of my work for the second time around and with the Internet headlining the show right after their release of Ego Death. A couple of days later, my friends Main Attrakionz perform at the San Francisco stop of Made in America. Right after, Vavi throws the Not Ur Baby show at Oakland Terminal, featuring work from a showcase of talented women artists including my good friend Beatrice.

End of August & September 2015:
The Bay Area invades San Diego for the Soundlot but before that, we wild out at the beach. September starts off right with a Soulection show at 1015 Folsom. A few days later, I tag long with Youthful Kinfolk as they shoot for a feature on the very talented homie, Caleborate.

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